New Ways to Study from September 2017, this is Regents Reimagined

For a number of years Regents has offered four degree tracks for students studying full time at the College:
Applied Theology
Applied Theology with Church L
Applied Theology with Youth Mi
Applied Theology  Performing A
In addition students have been able to study Applied Theology on a part time basis.
Following approval from the University of Chester, our validating partner, students will be able to study with Regents from September 2017 in one of 4 different ways:
  • Context based learning (full time) – students are based in an approved local church setting, often working as a Minister in Training, intern or volunteer for up to 20 hours a week. They are also full time students of Regents and study in their local setting the remainder of the week. They visit Regents for 5 one week modules a year for the face to face taught elements of their modules. This is supported by tutorials and seminars delivered via Skype or online. Students gain valuable experiential learning whilst they study through their involvement in the local church at the same time as they study.
    • Courses available: Theology, Church Leadership, Youth Ministry 
  • Context based learning (part time) – Identical to full time context based learning except that the student visits Regents 2 or 3 times a year to study their modules and the course is studied at half pace. Each level of the course takes two years to complete. Students typically need to commit 12-15 hours of study per week so the course can be studied along-side a full or part time ministry or secular employment.
    • Courses available: Theology, Church Leadership, Youth Ministry 
  • Campus based learning (full time) – Our classic community based approach to learning on a full time basis whilst living on campus in the College’s spectacularly situated halls of residence set on the beautiful Malvern Hills. Students study 6 one week modules each year as they develop their learning, supported by tutorials, seminars and self learning, and the College’s comprehensive spiritual development activities. Students have the opportunity to undertake placements and serve in local churches as their studies progress.
    • Courses available – Performing Arts, Theology, Church Leadership, Youth Ministry 
  • Modular learning – Offers the opportunity for students to study in a completely flexible way and is often ideal for those who already have a degree in another discipline, are already in ministry or don’t wish to commit lengthy periods of time to study but who nevertheless want to learn. Students select particular modules they wish to study, register and attend those courses. Individuals can study one or many modules across a year. Students visit the Malvern campus for a week of lectures for each module but there are no assessments or essays to write and no university qualification is awarded. This option is simply about developing your knowledge.
    • Courses available – a range of modules of the theology, church leadership and youth ministry courses 

Student finance is available to qualifying students for all courses except the individual module learning option and in some cases churches will sponsor their student to attend the course. Visiting students have the option to have accommodation in our excellent conference centre/hotel whilst they visit and take meals in our College dining room.
For more information, why not join us for a “Just Looking” Open Day or contact our Admissions Administrator, Shelley Cave via email or on 0345 302 6750
. You can apply electronically online or ask to have an application form sent to you.