We at Regents will try to ensure that the admission process will run as smooth as possible. Our admissions officer will help you throughout the process with any issues or questions you might encounter.
What is the process like?
There are 3 stages in the admissions process.
There are three ways to how you can apply for a course at Regents:
- Apply online
- Download the Application form in PDF
- Order a application form at Admissions@regents-tc.ac.uk

Once the form has been filled, our admissions team will review the application and call you to come in for an interview based on your credentials and references.
The interview will be held at Regents Theological College in Malvern. Depending on the course chosen, a lecturer and a course leader will interview you for the course. This would normally take 1 hour.
Once you passed the interview, our admissions team will notify you by post. From this point onwards, we will guide you through the processes from applying for a room on campus all the way to your student finance and getting you ready for college life.