Faithful Christian witness in the philosophically, ethically, and technologically complex cultures of late modernity places enormous demands on Christians – both professionally and personally. Pentecostal and Charismatic believers are therefore increasingly aware of the need for serious biblical, theological, historical and pastoral reflection to enhance the depth and maturity of their ministries. Learning to think theologically is an essential pre-requisite for engaging in Christian ministry in ways that are both highly innovative and deeply faithful. Whatever your primary vocational context – church leadership, chaplaincy, education, or another sector - Regents offers postgraduate courses that will enhance your ministry.

The teaching staff at Regents includes specialists in Biblical Theology, Systematic Theology, Pentecostal-Charismatic Studies, Chaplaincy, Church Leadership, and Christian Discipleship. Teachers of practical modules are themselves currently practitioners of Christian ministry, drawing from their personal experiences to enhance the relevance of the teaching material. Many of the teaching staff also teach and speak across the UK and internationally.

Students at Regents include a wide range of Christian workers and believers. Many are Pentecostal church leaders from classical denominations or independent ministries, others are involved in para-church ministry, while yet others study for their own personal development. The gender, ethnic, generational, and professional diversity of participants enhances the postgraduate learning experience, with students benefiting from the stimulating insights shared by their study peers as well as those offered by the teaching staff.

In partnership with the University of Chester, Regents offers the following programmes:

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