About the Course

The Ministry Foundation Certificate (MFC) is the essential training course if you are thinking of applying for the Elim Ministry. It provides you with foundational knowledge as you embark on your ministry journey, and is a pre-requisite before making an application for training to become an Elim minister. It offers a range of essential modules crafted and designed to give you an understanding of the key areas necessary at the start of your ministry.

Mode of Learning
The course can be completed as full-time over 9 months in two different ways, or part-time over two years:
  • Full-time Context Based - Live at home, and attend six separate teaching weeks at Regents over a year. 
  • Full-time Campus Based - Live on-site, and study full-time for a year at the vibrant Malvern campus.
  • Part-time Context Based - Live at home and attend three separate teaching weeks at Regents a year for two years.
Mandatory modules

Biblical Interpretation, Evangelism and Apologetics, History and Doctrine of the Church, Pentecostal Theology.

Optional Modules
Preparation for Leadership in Ministry, Youth Ministry Culture and Context, Pentecostal Worship, Introduction to Practical Theology, Theology in the Public Sphere.

The flexible approach in taking the course, with focused teaching weeks, allows you to embark on your studies at any time. Full-time Context study requires students to complete all 6 modules in 1 year, and Part-Time Context study requires students to complete 3 modules per year (6 modules in all, over six years).

Qualification and Validation
This unique course can be completed as a stand-alone certificate, or taken as a part of a full degree in Applied Theology from Chester University and Regents Theological College. Alternatively the course can be completed for an internal Elim/Regents validation, and is essential as part of an application for the Elim Ministry.

Whilst successful completion of the course does not guarantee you a place on the Elim Ministry in Training Programme (MIT), it is a requirement prior to an application, and you can start your application process after successfully completing 2 MFC modules.
The calendar for all Ministry Foundation Certificate modules can be found here.
Course Fees
For course fees, please visit our college fees page here.
How To Apply
If you would like to apply for the Ministry Foundation Certificate, please follow this link to the online application form. Alternatively, please contact email our Admissions Officer Shelley Cave or call 01684 588979 or 01684 588965 for more information.

Please snd any written corresponsance to:
The Admissions Officer, Regents Theological College, West Malvern Road, West Malvern, Worcestershire WR14 4AY, UK.