Here you will find more information about the fees at Regents Theological College. The fees are split into:

Course Fees: All the information regarding the fees you might encounter for your study.

Accommodation Fees: All the information regarding the fees for on campus accomodation.

Studying at university level is not cheap, but luckily there are some ways to help you finding the money needed:
Student Finance
Student Loans and Grants are available for students who are British citizens and who have not received such funding for any previous degree qualification. In many cases, such support will fully cover tuition and accommodation costs. Some support is means tested, and the actual level of support available will depend on yours or your family’s income. For full details of financial assistance available, please consult information provided by the Student Loans Company at and

For students applying for a Master degree, we have applied for designation for these courses from the Department for Education and are waiting for a decision. Until the decision is received we are unable to confirm the availability of student support. 
Ask your home church to sponsor you.
Your church might be able to support you financially if they have the funds for it. Maybe your church can arrange a fundraiser, or you could arrange one yourself with the approval of your pastor, by washing cars for example.
Ask family and friends
Your family or friends might be able to support you in your quest to find funding for college. Some people do get financial help from their family either in the form of a loan or as a present for their birthday.
Part-time work while studying
While studying at Regents, you could take on a part-time job in any of the local businesses or at the college itself. We offer jobs in housekeeping and catering, however places are limited and subject to passing the interview. If you are able, Malvern town does have several shops and restaurants where you could apply for jobs.