Regents Theological College library is the heart and the hub of every student’s studies.

It is set out over 3 floors, with the main library room, Journals Room and Library Reception on the ground floor, the Computer Room and the Upper Library room on the first floor and a dedicated Postgraduate study area on the top floor.

The library holds over 36,000 volumes and more than 160 journal titles, with regular subscription to about 75 journals with additional magazines and circulars.

The library provides:
  • 24/7 opening (to suit early birds and night owls)
  • 40+ workspaces
  • WiFi throughout for laptops and tablets as well as computer ports
  • Computer Room with 13 desktop computers
  • Full time librarian for help and support
  • Access to our online catalogue to search for books and articles
  • Access to vast online databases for further research and study
  • A large reference section which includes major commentaries and all key texts so these are always available

The library’s strengths are biblical studies, the Holy Spirit and Pentecostalism, theology and church history. We are developing an Elim Church/Pentecostal archive and specialised research collection.

Printing and photocopying are available in the library at very reasonable cost.

For any further information about the Regents library contact the librarian at or on 01684 588966.