The dining room has a relaxed contemporary feel with outstanding views of the local area. The dining room serves a variety of meals for all students. The menus are designed to give a nutritious and balanced diet. Our food is rich in flavour, aroma, texture, and colour. It captures the imagination and we hope it always exceeds expectations and we have many innovative ideas. We can cater for specific health-related dietary needs. We serve breakfast, lunch and dinner, and have ‘bean to cup’ coffee in the dining room and in vending machines in the student lounge.
  Catering 660
Food is the life force within the Elim & RTC Catering Department. We are passionate about making each and every eating experience a memorable one. By sourcing the freshest natural ingredients and investing in the best talent available, we create exciting, contemporary menus. These menus are designed to give a nutritious, balanced diet. Our Eatwell Studywell healthy eating initiative has done more than just put healthy foods on the menu. It has raised awareness of these issues and has given us a creative vehicle to communicate our on-going healthy-eating initiatives.