“I have definitely learned a lot more about acting, and the world that encompasses it. It was a lot of fun and I feel a lot more prepared for the future.” -  Rosie Taylor, BA(Hons) Graduate

About the Course
Regents Theological College offers a three year degree course in Applied Theology and Performing Arts, taught by some of the best Christian actors, writers, dancers and directors.

As more and more churches awaken to the need to connect with 21st century culture, performance has become the forum and the language for contemporary debate. In order to speak to the world it is vital that our church leaders become fluent in performance and well-versed in the use of the arts.

The vision of the course is to provide those who believe that God has gifted them in performance with a chance to hone those skills in an affirming atmosphere and a place that puts Christ at the centre of all we do.  As well as teaching practical professional skills the course explores the interaction between performance and theology to see how these two disciplines enrich and inform one another. The hope is that the graduates of this course will be the church leaders, actors, communicators, storytellers and performers of the future and will revitalise both the Church and the Arts.

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Employability and Professional Practice
During the three years there are various opportunities to work with professional theatre companies and put into practice what you learn, as well as acquire further skills.
Every student on the course has the opportunity to audition for a yearly production with Searchlight Theatre Company that is toured nationally and taken to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival; this is a fantastic opportunity for students to gain professional acting experience.

Other companies such as 4Front Theatre Company (a company that was set up by graduates from the course) often audition students for their Christmas tour and various children’s shows. These opportunities and others ensure that the skills and knowledge that students learn on the course is embedded within professional practice.

The course is recognised by Equity and students are eligible for a student equity card.

In addition to roles and positions within church and parachurch organisations, this degree is applicable to the following careers:
Track Leaders
Richard Hasnip
Rich Hasnip
Track Leader
Rich has worked for a variety of different theatre companies as an actor and director. Most recently he has been with Saltmine, a company made up of Christian actors and directors committed to communicating Christ largely through theatre. He worked with them as an actor, writer, director and acting coach. Saltmine has been instrumental in creating the Performing Arts course and continues to be integral to it. Since pioneering this course Rich co-founded his own theatre company: Atticladder.
Oliver Ward
Ollie Ward
Course Assistant
Ollie worked as a stage manager for a theatre and set up Velocity youth theatre whilst working for a Baptist church before coming to Regents as a student in 2009 to further explore his passions of Performing Arts and Theology. After Graduating he began lecturing on the course while studying an MA at the University of Worcester in Contemporary Theatre Practices and co-founded Atticladder with Rich. His research interests are: actor training, ethics and performance, postdramatic and contemporary performance and the interaction between philosophy and performance.

Accreditation and Entry Requirements
The course is validated by the University of Chester.

If you are aged 21 and under, entry requirement is two A levels. If you are aged over 21, it is at the discretion of Regents Theological College. In both cases a place on the Performing Arts course is also dependant on a successful audition.

Course Length
Full-time residential course at the College Campus in West Malvern.

Three year Bachelors of Arts with Honours in Applied Theology with optional Certificate of Higher Education and Diploma of Higher Education exit points after one or two years respectively.

Course Fees
The course fee for the 1st year is £6930.00. For any additional fees, please visit our college fees page here

How to Apply
To apply online, please click here or visit the Apply Now page under the admissions page.

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Leavers Montage
Our most recent graduates have been very busy over the last three years performing in a variety of manners, styles and roles. Here's a montage of their previous performances in which they acted, wrote and directed.