About the Course

Whatever sphere of life you feel called to, be it church ministry, health care, teaching, public service, politics, academia, agriculture, business or somewhere else in the grand scheme of life, then this track will work for you. We aim to equip you with a deeper knowledge and understanding of God, of scripture and of doctrine so that you will be able to think clearly through how to apply an awareness of God to your everyday setting.

We are thankful that God created us with an inquisitive nature and encourages us to draw near to him with questions, wrestling with concepts and ideas to grow closer to the truth. This course will impact your ‘head’, but through the application of the lessons learnt will also significantly influence your ‘heart’ and your ‘hands’.
You should particularly think about joining the Theology Track if any of the following apply:
  • You are generally curious about theology and how it can shape you and society.
  • You want to be actively involved in your Church or faith-based organisation but not necessarily as a “leader”.
  • You feel your vocational aspiration lie beyond youth work, church leadership or performing arts.
  • You want the broadest range of module choices available to you during your degree. 

Mode of Learning
The course may be completed over three years in two very different ways:
  • Context-Based Learning - This model allows you to stay in your home context and to remain involved with family and church life there. You travel to Regents just five times a year for a week of focussed teaching and allow at least twenty hours each week throughout the rest of the year for completion of a number of web-based and other distance-learning activities. Although the pastoral support of the College is available to you, it is anticipated that the prime responsibility for your personal wellbeing would continue to lie with your home church.

  • Campus-Based Learning - In the more ‘traditional’ route, you come as a residential student, living on the beautiful campus here at West Malvern.  You would undertake most modules over a five week period, accessing the same focussed teaching weeks as the Context-Based students but also accessing a wide range of additional on-site activities to facilitate your personal, spiritual and relational development.  Your personal development is encouraged through tutor engagement as well as input from the Track Leader/Pastoral Dean Paul Folland.
It is also possible to undertake the course at a slower rate, as a Part-Time Context-Based student.  In this mode of learning you will stay in your home church context and take all the modules taken by full-time students.  However you will only need to come to Regents two or three times a year and in this mode it will take you six years to complete the BA degree course.

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Employability and Professional Practice

The Theology Track is specifically designed for those who wish to understand the place of theology within their lives both spiritual and vocational. During your time here you will have opportunities to meet one on one with the track assistant to discuss vocational options and career guidance.
As part of your degree here at Regents you will be required within your second year to go on a work/ministry placement. This is a good opportunity to explore further possible areas you may wish to work in the future. In addition, final year students can choose the option of doing an extended summer placement.
Those who studied on the Theology Track have typically gone on to do an array of different careers in fields such as:
Track Leaders
Paul Folland
Rev. Paul Folland
Track Leader
Paul joined Regents Theological College in September 2016. He originally taught in a secondary school  but moved to Australia to study Church Leadership and Theology before returning to the UK. Upon returning, he worked as Assistant Pastor in Letchworth where he became an ordained Elim Minister before moving to Rotherham, South Yorkshire to lead the Elim Church there for 6 years during which he gain his MTh from Regents. Paul is passionate about training and equipping people to thrive in whatever sphere of life they feel called.

Tom Owen
Tom Owen
Assistant Tutor
Tom Owen finished his BA (Hons) at Regents in June 2015. His dissertation was titled: ‘Deification and Doctrinal Comparison: Towards a Common Foundation for Pentecostal-Orthodox Dialogue’. He is currently studying his MTh in Applied Theology and is passionate about Comparative Theology, Theology of Spirituality, Biblical Texts and Contexts as well as the Processes of Theological Education. He and his wife Robyn live in Malvern and attend Great Malvern Priory.

Validation and Entry Requirements
The course is validated by the University of Chester.

If you are aged 21 and under, entry requirement is two A levels. If you are aged over 21, it is at the discretion of Regents Theological College.

Three year Bachelors of Arts with Honours in Applied Theology with optional Certificate of Higher Education and Diploma of Higher Education exit points after one or two years respectively.

Course Fees
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How to Apply
To apply online, please click here or visit the Apply Now page under the admissions page.

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