About the Course

If you have a passion to see the Church of Jesus Christ become all it should be, this is the Track for you. If you have initiative and are ready to take responsibility to develop the leadership gift in you, this is the Track for you. If you are ready to be brave, to be stretched and to learn to serve by empowering others, this is the Track for you.  

On the Church Leadership Track we believe that input and output are both essential (with only input we stagnate; with only output we dry up!). So our goal is to combine the core of the academic content of the Applied Theology course with plenty of opportunity for ministry experience. Throughout the course our aim is not to produce clones or ‘typical pastors’ (whatever that means!) but to help release the full potential of your unique God-given personality, temperament, passions and giftedness.

Mode of Learning

The course may be completed over three years in two very different ways:

  • Context-Based Learning - You stay at your home-church, continue with involvement in your ministry there, and if appropriate continue to live with your family. You travel to Regents just five times a year for a week of focussed teaching and allow at least 20 hours each week throughout the rest of the year for completion of a number of web-based and other distance-learning activities. Although the pastoral support of the College is available to you, it is anticipated that the prime responsibility for your personal wellbeing would continue to lie with your home church. The Context-Based Learning option allows you the splendid opportunity to regularly apply in practice what you are learning in the lecture-room, whilst simultaneously enhancing the richness of your classroom experience by allowing you to bring into College the ‘real-life’ issues that have recently arisen in your ministry context.

  • Campus-Based Learning - In the more ‘traditional’ route, you come as a residential student, living on the beautiful campus here at West Malvern. You would undertake most modules over a five week period, accessing the same focussed teaching weeks as the Context-Based students but also accessing a wide range of additional on-site activities to facilitate your personal, spiritual and relational development.Your personal development is encouraged through robust mentoring and coaching sessions with the Track Leader/Vice-Principal Peter Read and the Course Assistant Jenny Kimble. In the second-half of your first year you will serve in a local church, and throughout your second year you will undertake a formal College Placement in a local church or other Christian ministry. Your Third Year placement is a full-time ‘mini-internship’ for between one month and three months, and with the approval of the College can be anywhere in the world.
It is also possible to undertake the course at a slower rate, as a Part-Time Context-Based student.  In this mode of learning you will stay in your home church context and take all the modules taken by full-time students.  However you will only need to come to Regents two or three times a year and in this mode it will take you six years to complete the BA degree course.

Many students on the Church Leadership Track move into Elim ministry afterwards, though acceptance onto the Track does not guarantee acceptance into Elim ministry.  However we have a heart for the wider Kingdom and are pleased that every year there are always students who move into leadership roles in other streams, movements and denominations. 

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Track Leaders
Pete Read
Rev. Peter Read
Track Leader
Pete Read is the Vice-Principal of Regents Theological College. Drawing on his own extensive experience within leadership and pastoral ministry, Pete’s primary focus is the training of church leaders. In addition to teaching at Regents, his international portfolio includes functioning as a visiting lecturer to the Apostolic Faith Bible College in Kolding, Denmark, as well as training church leaders in countries such as India, China and the Philippines in partnership with Elim Global. Pete also engages in leadership training and teaching at a wide range of UK local churches, where he shares his twin passions: for the Church to be engaged in outward looking mission and for servant hearted leadership that blends integrity and emotional intelligence. Pete has been involved in church leadership since 1981, beginning as the Pastor’s Assistant at Bethshan Tabernacle before planting Reddish Community Church in 1983, where he later became Senior Pastor. Pete was Senior Associate Pastor at Bedworth Christian Centre in Warwickshire (later renamed King's Community Church) from 1999-2008, after which he moved to Regents. Pete obtained an MA in Theology from the University of Manchester (Nazarene Theological College) in 1998 and also worked as a qualified architect subsequent to gaining a BA in Architecture from Manchester Metropolitan University (1980).
PK0064 Jenny Kimble
Rev. Jenny Kimble
Course Assistant
Jenny joined the team in September 2015, but has been part of Regents since 2007 when she began the undergraduate programme and went on to gain an MA in Pentecostal and Charismatic Studies. Prior to that she completed a BSc (Hons) in Human Biology and then worked as a Scripture Union Schools Worker in Letchworth. Jenny was a Youth Worker and Minister in Training in Warrington following her undergraduate studies and became an Assistant Minister in High Wycombe after being ordained in 2011. She is currently undertaking doctoral studies in the area of leadership transition for ministers, and is very interested in the dynamic between leadership theory and practice. Jenny serves on the leadership team of a local Elim church.
Validation and Entry Requirements
The course is validated by the University of Chester.

If you are aged 21 and under, entry requirement is two A levels. If you are aged over 21, it is at the discretion of Regents Theological College

Three year Bachelors of Arts with Honours in Applied Theology with optional Certificate of Higher Education and Diploma of Higher Education exit points after one or two years respectively.

Course Fees
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How to Apply
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