Heads - Hands - Hearts
At Regents our philosophy is Heads, Hands and Hearts. 
We unashamedly encourage all students studying with us to stretch their minds, see things from different perspectives, and develop academic muscles that enable them to critically navigate their way through a changing world. 
We also want to put practical tools in the hands of our students to understand the day to day reality of ministry whether that is in the context of church, education, chaplaincy or everyday life. We encourage students to actively participate in placements and reflect on both their own and other’s practice. 
Finally it is our prayer than anyone studying at Regents also encounters God for themselves and is transformed by His presence in their lives. This ultimately prepares them to see others transformed by the presence of God.
What’s on Offer?
Raising Up Youth Ministry – I am excited that in partnership with Elim’s National Youth Movement, ‘Serious4God’, we are able to offer a one year Certificate and three year Degree that equips students to be effective youth workers and youth ministers in a range of ministry settings.

Releasing Church Leaders – Central to the life of Regents is investing in men and women who have a calling on their life to serve in church leadership. We are committed to ensure all those studying on this track learn from great teachers and practitioners before heading out on their ministry adventure.

Resourcing Theologians – Our Degree in Applied Theology is the perfect course for those wanting to engage in ministry in the public sphere. It is increasingly important that people entering teaching, media, politics or business are clear on what they believe and how it relates to the world that they live in. 

Performing Arts and Theology – We are convinced that the Good News of the Gospel is so important that we need to find as many creative ways as possible to communicate it. Many students studying this course go on to use their skills in mission contexts such as schools, prisons and community theatre.